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Vegan Bre

Self proclaimed vegan foodie and lover of all things plant-based. She's a plantbased chef that loves to make vegan cooking easy, delicious, and creative. Bre focuses on health and nutrition while making meals that taste great. She creates simple recipes and e-books that are helpful when transitioning to vegan and cooking vegan. For a glimpse of the Vegan Bre lifestyle visit her instagram page, @VEGAN.BRE

Vegan Recipe



Well Fed Vo. 1

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Everyday foods but completely veganized. These recipes are easy with big flavor. The idea behind all recipes is to provide nutritional value and make plant based cooking simple.  

Well Fed Vo.2 "THANKSVEGAN" 

Make your Thanksgiving holiday one to remember with these 5 simple recipes. Healthy alternatives and traditional classics all veganized.



Well Fed Vo.3  Vegan MEal PRep Ideas 

Vegan Meal prep ideas that will save you time and money. This guide provides ingredients, instructions, serving size, and macros for each meal. Plantbased meal prep has never been so simple. Perfect for plantbased competitors. 

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Vegan Recipes as low as $1