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Does watching cooking shows make you gain weight?

My Netflix Foodie Picks

I mean this is technically R & D for a foodie and chef like myself, well at least that‘s what I tell my husband. My Netflix profile is indicative of what I spend my spare time watching and the “because you watched” setting continues to be spot on. I’ve recently learned and become inspired by great Netflix originated food shows and documentaries. In no particular order here’s the shows that have been in rotation for me:

The Great British Baking Show

Let’s just say Paul Hollywood's accent and persona is what you think of when it comes to the British. This competition takes a handful of home bakers through several baking challenges. The fun part is trying to correlate the British name of baked goods to the American version such as Biscuits in England are simply cookies and Chelsea buns are what we call cinnamon rolls in America. I love that throughout each season the baking challenges get more and more complex, revealing the true challenge and skill of baking. If you want to see how to make fancy baked goods and be stressed out watching the participants prepare them then you’ll love The Greatest British Baking Show.

Ugly Delicious

Very entertaining and multidimensional. It’s funny and creative with two down to earth host. They dig deep into common foods and cuisines plus the culture behind them. It’s super authentic because the people they interview are normal everyday people with a passion for food. The main host, David Chang is an award winning chef and restaurateur with a humble and transparent personality.

Final Table

I feel like I’ve traveled all over the world after watching the entire season. Talk about a multicultural experience despite being quarantined due to COVID-19. The Final table is great for an international culinary perspective and super inspiring because of the chefs’ personal stories. This competition makes it hard for me to cheer for just one contestant because they are all so skilled and likeable. Each episode a regional cuisine is picked and each team must create a dish that is judge my renowned food critics, chefs, and celebrities from that particular country. It’s funny because you’ll see French chefs struggling to make things like tacos but it’s mind blowing to see how different foods are perceived and reinvented based off the chef cultural background.

Nailed it!

Want to laugh until you cry? Well this show is it. I’m sure some of us would bake just as awful as the participants on this show so cut them some slack. Nicole is the host and her obnoxious laugh and reaction to the final products the contestants create is hilarious. I wonder could I pretend to be an awful yet confident baker then go on this show and win! Hmmm I wouldn’t have to pretend to hard too be “awful” at baking. 😊 I’m still developing a love for it.

Million Pound Menu

The aspiring restaurateur in me loves this show. Normal food truck and small business owners get a chance at earning their investor funded restaurant. First a group of three business owners give a pitch and sample of their star menu item to a panel of wealthy investors. One business is rewarded a chance to “pop up” their restaurant for two days, while being evaluated on their business model and food offering. It reveals the practicality of growing a successful restaurant with delicious and unique menu offerings. Very inspirational and eye opening. I’m a business nerd so this show is fascinating to me.

Somebody Feed Phil

I’m not sure what it is about quirky nice old white men that I love. Phil Rosenthal is hilarious and super animated! ---he’s the writer of the sitcom “Everybody loves Raymond” which is pretty funny. Anywho, in this Netflix series Phil travels to the most unique and beautiful countries to experience the food as well as adventures which I love. It’s kinda like getting a virtual tour of the food and scenery of each country before-hand. I’ve definitely made mental notes of where I’d like to travel once the world opens back up. I never thought I’d be interested in Dublin or even Bangkok but this show has opened my eyes to how amazing every culture is.

In short, NOPE! Watching foodie tv shows won’t make you gain weight…it’ll only inspire you.

If you loved this post please share and definitely check out my Netflix top picks….I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy them.


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