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Yup, I’m a quitter.

Sometimes you just know when you’ve had enough.

My mom always told me this when it came to relationships, well, I applied that advice to my relationship with my goals and purpose and I ended my corporate career.

As a new mom and trying to juggle my career (working from home btw) I was on the struggle bus, matter of fact I was driving the struggle bus. Whew! I instantly started experiencing mommy guilt, anxiety and slipped into postpartum depression before I realized it.

Before giving birth to Camille I kept battling with what my future looked like. I knew I wanted to be able to be present 24/7 for Camille and daycare wasn’t even an option for me. Luckily I knew my position at work would remain remote since it had been remote since the start of the pandemic in 2020 so I figured I’d make it work. Taking care of my newborn, managing our home, and meeting my work duties.

Truthfully, it did work but it was not pretty! The older Camille has gotten the more active she’s become. She sometimes would skip naps and want to play during the middle of a meeting, I would hold her hostage in my lap as I typed at my computer which was horrible for the both of us. I knew I could not continue doing this. I was robbing my sweet baby of having her momma’s undivided attention and I was robbing my future and legacy by staying in a job just for income security. I literally did the bare minimum and it drove me crazy but I just had nothing more to pour into my job.

It was time to step out on faith and trust God for all I knew He had promised me. Was it easy? Heck no! I was afraid. I’m still afraid even as I type this! But my faith and hope trump any doubt or fear that tries to creep in.

You see, I know what I’m capable of. We all do, babe. It’s just that sometimes we lose confidence in our passions and gifts when we don’t nurture them.

I knew back in 2015 when I started my career in corporate America that I had a longing to engage with others, to be a cheerleader, I longed to live a lifestyle that was so authentic and inspiring that people would ask me how do I do it and I could respond back, “it’s God’s will, He gets the glory.”

Fast word to *March 15th at 4 PM* I finally took my husband’s advice and told my manager I will be submitting my 2 weeks resignation so that I could be more present with my family and live in my purpose.

With the support of my husband, Daniel, I knew that quitting was the best thing I could do for myself, my family, and my destiny. I knew I had had enough, and I had to take control and do something about it. I DID IT! I QUIT! I instantly felt a sense of relief and honestly, I felt my confidence building back up.

In life, you either settle for what others give you or you get what you create and accomplish for yourself. My next season includes unlimited infinite possibilities of happiness and success. It’s all up to me now to be obedient to my calling and go create the life I visualize.

So what’s next, Bre? To be honest I’m just living in this moment. I feel a sense of confidence, I feel like I can be more creative, and I feel like I just changed the entire trajectory of my future and my family's legacy.

You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a plan though. I’ve been in constant conversation and mediation with God and begging him to continue to reveal what assignment(s) He has for me. I'm very aware of my spiritual gifts (encouragement, faith, and prayer. See 1 Corinthians 12:7-11) and I feel most fulfilled when I’m motivating others with words of empowerment or working on things that make others better.

Combining my hustler instincts and my spiritual gifts creates a sweet spot for me:

B.Wigley Writing Co

I’ve launched a new business, B.Wgley Writing Co. where I get to create copywriting material for brands and businesses, you know, all the email marketing, blogs like this, and social media ads but on a larger scale which will allow me to be my own boss, set my own hours, and earn an unlimited amount of income.

I’m cleaning up shop and taking care of my golden child, I want to be more valuable to my tribe and now I have the mental capacity and time to pour into this vessel. I love plantbased nutrition coaching, creating e-books, developing recipes, and my Be Who Lifestyle Boutique is so much fun to operate.

Bre W.” the brand.

Additionally, I’m stepping up my social media content game frfr because as an influencer that is key to your success. I’m going to keep things authentic and fun while sharing cute mommy and family moments, fitness & wellness, and brand partnerships (I plan to give you all the deets on that experience, it’s a rollercoaster) Make sure you’re following me for all the updates. @Bre.Faith.Fit & @Vegan.Bre

Bodybuilding Bre

I’m thinking about getting back into bodybuilding! I miss the process and stage soooo much and I think I need to make a comeback and represent for IFBB Pro Mommas! Bodybuilding always helped me sharpen my discipline and when I’m preparing to compete I'm laser focused in all areas of my life.

Well, babes! I hope opening up and sharing my I’m a Quitter moment helps you all remember to never quit on yourself but quit on the things that are pulling you further away from your purpose. You’ll know what and when exactly that is, trust me!


Bre W.

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Chase Griffin
Chase Griffin
Apr 01, 2022

Loved it! You got this! God hasn’t brought you this far for nothing. Purpose!


Tonia Terrell
Tonia Terrell
Apr 01, 2022

The only limit is the one you set for yourself! Go for it!! Excited too see what's next for your life come to fruition!!

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