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Competitor Nutrition Coaching

Competitor Nutrition Coaching

Are you a bodybuilding competitor? No matter what division I can provide you with personalized nutrition coaching. At $75 per month you will receive a customized and detailed meal plan plus one on one nutrition coaching from me, Vegan IFBB Bikini Pro
Below are more details on the structure of the my
Competitor Nutrition Coaching
Your personalized coaching is $75 per month/plan. Each plan is to be used in (4) week increments or as I call it "phases". A new meal plan must be purchased every (4) weeks. I find incremental meal plans to be most helpful because your body will have to adjust to the food and the portions based off what part of prep you are in. 
What to expect:
-A carb cycle approach if needed.
-Macros created based off your need. I can work with your coach to create your meal plan based off macros.
- A customized meal plan with 5-6 meals (2 snacks + 3 whole meals)
-Macros will be adjusted as needed once per phase and each phase will need to be purchased every 4 weeks.
-Unlimited email or text communication.
-Weekly check ins and feedback.
-Tips and tricks I’ve learned from competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro
-These options can be made ahead of time so that you don't have to cook everyday.
-Macros friendly Recipes to try.
- I will be here to support you during this Vegan prep 100% so don’t hesitate to dm, text, or call me. If you have any questions on foods or how to prepare them I am here to help as a part of your nutrition support.
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