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Be Who Signature Waist Beads

Be Who Signature Waist Beads


New Signature waist bead sets includes a custom strand and one (1) pure white strand. that complements.  



Waist beads are super trendy right now. They are known to represent femininity and can even help monitor your waist line. I personally wear them because I love and embrace my body no matter the shape or size. 


*2 strands of beads included in each order 1 (one) Signature strand & 1 (one) Pure White strand*

*Beads can be altered to fit your waist with a few simple steps. Simplly untie at anchor bead (one single bead used as a stopper for other beads on string) then remove additional beads from string and cut to desired length, removing any excess string. Next, add anchor bead back to strand and tie tightly (usually two double knots works) Waist beads can be worn in water and while sleeping*

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