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Sponsors & Partnerships


Solid women don't crumble! Steele Divine Cosmetics was created to inspire confidence, beauty, and self-empowerment in all women. As a brand ambassador for this black owned cosmetic company I cannot help to feel even more fierce. 


The best investment ever made for an amazing kitchen essential. Vitamix blenders are powerful and perfect the blending hot or cold, smoothie or sauces. I absolutely love Vitamix. 


Trendy and unique married couples gear. This apparel is fly for sure. It makes me feel like an even more proud wifey. 

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Favorite sweet treat ever! This creamy and smooth gelato blows my taste buds away with the amazing flavors and consistency.  


I have used these plantbased supplements throughout the course of my bodybuilding career. I enjoy Tru Supplements because the ingredients are honest and the products contribute tremendously to my physique and athletic performance. -Bre Wigley 


Save 10% by using my code: TRUBRE


"Gorgeous from HAIR to toe" is no understatement. Accessorizing my stage look with these gorgeous extensions help display my overall package. I wear Stage Ready Hair on and off the stage and I always feel flawless. 

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Banza, creator of delicious chickpea based pasta noodles has been a staple in many of my vegan recipes. The variety and taste makes this chickpea based pasta so versatile. 


Kristal Bikinis provides the most beautiful competition suits and bikinis. The cut and hand designed suits fit perfectly to all body types. These suits are stunning on the stage. 

Save 10% by using my code: Bre_KB


Stunning competition jewelry that will definately make a statement on stage. Clear heels and every accessory any fitness competitor will ever need.  

Save 10% by using my code: Bre10

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